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Lois Katz Public Relations is the gold standard in booking clients on national television.

It is a boutique firm just outside New York City, whose small professional staff has twelve years of experience in placing thousands of clients on virtually every news show in America.

Rarely does one day go by without one of the firm’s clients appearing on the couch at FOX and FRIENDS or looking into a CNN camera from places like Phoenix or Orlando or Washington DC, or chatting at the desk of a CNBC host discussing the pressing financial issues of the day.

If you have ever wondered how an expert gets to be a guest, an authority, a “talking head” on a live show that you have seen, a firm like Lois Katz Public Relations is often the answer.

The firm represents lawyers, doctors, political analysts, financial gurus, national security specialists and many other professionals to put them in front of live cameras and on live sets from every major city in the nation.


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