Clients On Air & In the News

Appearing on national television enhances your profile, increases your business and is just plain challenging and fun. Read some of the many testimonials about Katz’s representation here:

Lois Katz, the founder of the firm, began her career in television news in 1974, as an intern at WNBC-TV while still at Rutgers University.

That led to over a decade at NBC News where she worked her way up from an executive assistant at the NBC flagship station to an Associate Producer and then News Bureau coordinator for NBC Network News.

Her expertise in finding just the right expert was honed at MSNBC as a Guest

Booker, where she then went on to be a Segment Producer.


Those many years in the news industry taught her exactly what news shows must have to make a story sparkle with crisp authority from a guest analyst. Daily she is called on to provide a former prosecutor for a segment on a blockbuster criminal trial or a credit expert for one of the business news shows or a medical specialist for the new Dr. Oz daytime network program.

And those years filled her Rolodex full of news correspondents, show bookers, news producers, executive producers, show anchors and network executives throughout broadcasting.

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