Easy media Tips for Appearing on TV


If you are scheduled to do a double taping for a show, always bring a second outfit to change into for the second taping which will air on a separate date. Male guests can get away with just changing your tie.

Keep track of which outfits you wear on camera and when so that you are not repeating the same outfit too often, especially on the same show. Stay away from large and/or busy patterns and white. Bright colors in Spring and Summer are fine.


It is best to be professionally media trained if you have not been already, EVEN if you have been doing media appearances for years! Even reporters are sometimes required to get “tuned up” with media training to stay fresh.

If you are scheduled for an appearance, make sure you are available at all times prior to the appearances via cell phone, (1st choice) text or email.payday loansThere are sometimes last minute changes/updates or additional information from producers and you will want to be able to receive the new information crucial for your appearance.

When providing your car information, ALWAYS include the pick up time, full address and include cell phone number which is required for the car service.



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